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Standard Corporate Services

Bill J. Stokes
Miriam N. Stokes

A division of AGT
Holdings, Inc.
Corporate & Public Record Services Nationwide Standard Corporate Services
AGT Building, 1315 West Lawrence Ave., Springfield, IL 62704
Telephone: (217) 303-8260  Facsimile: (866) 710-9157

As a corporate and public record service company owned and managed by professionals with over 30 year’s experience, you can rest assured we have the knowledge to expeditiously process your requests.  Our knowledge gives you all the advantages you need to navigate the nation’s corporate filing centers and public record repositories.  Our promise is to give you the individual attention you deserve!
·Corporate filing and retrieval services ·Registered agent services ·Apostille services for legalizing documents for international use ·UCC searching and filing ·County lien abstracting ·Federal document retrieval ·We know the procedures to take care of your requests
We provide registered agent services in Illinois and through our correspondent network in …